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Not enough time to prepare for your baby?

I speak with women every day who are trying to conceive and have their baby’s and even though they have been trying for months, even years… they have no time to prepare to conceive. No time to look after themselves when they finish an 8/10/12 hour work day. No time to exercise. No time to make nutritious meals. No time to meditate. No time for time out.

Spending every waking hour giving to others (family, friends, partners, jobs) and neglecting the one person who can change everything for them… themselves. It’s such a shame because the easiest and quickest way to reclaim your fertile health is to give yourself the love and attention that you need and deserve. The attention that your body is asking for. This fertility challenge is a sign from your body that something is out of balance and your body needs your time and your attention.

And yet there is no time for you, so another month goes by, another season, another year… and still no baby. And it just gets harder to believe, to have hope, to even allow the possibility that it will ever happen… just in case it doesn’t.

What would happen if you gave one hour every day to looking after yourself, to looking after your body, to nurture and love yourself as you would your baby. To give attention to your own needs at this time? One hour every day to prepare for your baby so you can be in the best physical, emotional and mental place possible when you conceive, during pregnancy and when they arrive.

You could get up one hour earlier and devote that hour to you – 20 minutes to detox your body, 20 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes to prepare a nutritious breakfast and lunch. One hour at home daily which you give to you to change your life and prepare for your baby.

If you want to know HOW to best spend one effective hour daily at home so you can boost your fertility, become pregnant and bring your baby you’ve been dreaming of into this world, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session today here.

Dreaming is wonderful yet making time and taking specific actions to bring your dreams into reality is the key to creating your family future.


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