One of the biggest causes of infertility is persistent inflammation.

Inflammation is a normal and healthy response in the body, yet today the food we eat, what we put on our bodies (creams, lotions , perfumes), environmental toxins, and the constant stress that we live under can cause a persistent inflammatory response that is unhealthy and impacts the ability to conceive.

It’s a problem that affects the majority of the population in the Western world. And unfortunately, most people are largely unaware of how serious the problem is.

Your body wouldn’t be able to survive without its healing ability called “inflammation response” … so that’s not the problem.

The problem is that in the overly toxic, under-nourished world we’re living in today, your immune system is almost certainly on HIGH ALERT 24 hours a day… 7 days a week.

This puts your inflammation response into constant overdrive causing a wide range of serious issues which include infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, fatigue, gut health problems, irritated skin, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, the list goes on. Even if you don’t have any symptoms at all, you could still be affected.

However, there are ways to reduce inflammation in the body which are simple, quick and effective:

1. Cold showers

End your morning shower with a 2 minute cold shower (Cold water lowers the damaged tissue’s temperature and constricts the blood vessels. This helps reduce the swelling and inflammation)

2. Tumeric and Black pepper

Thousands of studies have shown that Curcumin (in tumeric) with Piperine (in black pepper) have an extraordinary ability to reduce inflammation in the body so add to porridge, smoothies, main meals and incorporate them into you daily diet.

3. Breathe

Even more important than food is our bodies’ need for oxygen. Proper breathing exercises will trigger the nervous system and lower the inflammatory response.
A simple breath exercise is to breathe in for a count of 7, hold for 7, breath out for 7, hold for 7 and repeat 7 times.

4. Cut out inflammatory foods

Inflammatory foods include red meat and anything with trans fats, such as margarine, corn oil, deep fried foods and most processed foods.
Consume more anti-inflammatory foods like fruits, veg, nuts, and seeds. Grapes, celery, blueberries, garlic, olive oil, green tea and ginger are all great staples to include in your diet.

If you would like more support and guidance in your journey towards conceiving, you are welcome to reach out and register with us, or book a free consultancy session.


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