Worldwide today, many men carry their phones in the front or back pockets of their trousers or on their belts, in very close proximity to their sperm. Experiencing a fertility challenge can cause untold stress and the last thing we want to hear is that our phones or laptops may be exacerbating infertility issues.

Having said that, I share this information on the potential impact of radiation on fertile health, not to scare, but to inform.  When you are aware of the potential risks from phones and laptops, you can consciously and easily choose to do things differently.  

 Does mobile phone radiation affect sperm? 

There have been plenty of scientific studies to show that yes, it most likely does. For example a recent Australian Study – shows that sperm exposed to phone radiation –

– die 3 times faster that unexposed sperm
– have 3 times less mobility (not great swimmers)
– experience 3 times more cell damage 
– have the lowest sperm count

The Healthline has also published an article where they provide an overview on the debate surrounding the issue of radiation and smartphones. They listed not only infertility but also cancer amongst the risks that smartphone radiation can potentially increase.

What can you do?

I encourage you to have the conversation with your partner about what he can do to protect his sperm while you are on this journey to conceive and create your family. I know that many people can be very resistant to the possibility that their mobile phone may be harming them. However, it’s definitely a factor to consider as you choose to give yourselves the best opportunity to welcome your baby into the world.

The human body is very adaptable and craves wellness, so when we give it a chance to heal and rebalance, it does. Also know that men make new sperm daily (it does take about 2 1/2 – 3months for sperm to mature.) How can he give his sperm the best chance to be strong, healthy and abundant over the weeks before you conceive? To create an optimal environment for healthy sperm, he could –

– Turn the phone off when it’s in his pocket
– Leave it on a table or shelf when working rather than having it so close to his body.
– Carry it in a bag rather than on his body

Important to note that radiation from laptops can be affecting not only the sperm but also the womb. So refraining from using a laptop directly on the lap can be beneficial for both men and women. Work at a table and keep the computer at a safer distance from your body. Remember, this is not something to become fearful or anxious about. Yet, it is information that is relevant and important to be aware of. 

Lastly, if your partner is resistant to the idea that his phone may be problematic, then trust that as he witnesses you Preparing your Body for Pregnancy, your commitment will have a positive impact on him.  Share the information, then release any expectation.  Changing our habits is a choice we must make for ourselves.

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