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Is your mind working with you or against you? Did you know that your mind responds to clear repeated suggestion. Straight question for you – how long you been giving yourself the suggestion to not become pregnant? And are you aware that you probably need to update this suggestion in order to become pregnant?

The truth is, (as women) we have been programmed and have been programming ourselves for years, even decades to not become pregnant. Most women have been primed since puberty to avoid becoming pregnant at all costs.  As soon as we have our first period or the first boyfriend arrives, we are generally guided to avoid pregnancy.  It is common for the western female mind to be conditioned from puberty to believe that pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to her – potentially resulting in loss of education, loss of family, loss of respect, loss of self-worth and indeed loss of a fulfilled life.

Note, we are very conditioned to believe that there is no JOY associated with pregnancy…no baby joy!  Quite the opposite. This initial programming to fear pregnancy comes from outside influences – mothers, parents, family, schools, community and the culture through media, tv and films.  

In my own case as soon as I had my first menstruation at the age of 16 – the fear that family and society installed in me was overwhelming. With news of young girls giving birth alone in fields, in McDonalds bathrooms, being kicked out of home, being rejected and scorned, even dying alone whilst giving birth… to become pregnant was painted a tragedy. 

Pregnancy would result in rejection, loss of family and loss of home. I was terrified of sex and thought that I would definitely be the ‘pregnancy victim’. For the most part, I avoided sexual intercourse, yet still went on to have an encounter with a boy followed by a phantom pregnancy at 19 (which lasted 5 months – complete with extreme anxiety, swollen belly, feeling sick, and no period. It only ended when I eventually opened up and begged a friend for help.)

I was so terrified after this experience that I didn’t have sex again for years.

When we hit our 20s, we continue the ‘no pregnancy’ programming ourselves by taking the pill (or other contraceptives), or using condoms. So that we can have fun, fulfilled sexual lives as we explore ourselves, the world, dive into careers, enjoy having an income and the freedom to live our lives ‘unburdened’. All of this is perfectly normal and is a smart thing as for many women, it is the wrong time to be pregnant.

As a result, we continue to shun and even fear the possibility of pregnancy. With changes in culture, many women understandably do not feel ready to have children until their late 20s, mid or late 30s, or even early 40s. After freedom, exploration and careers have been fulfilled and ideal partners have been found. By which time we have possibly been conditioning ourselves for years or even decades to not to become pregnant and to FEAR becoming pregnant.

Added to this, many women would have experienced at least one pregnancy scare in their lives. The memory of the trauma that was associated with that distressing time is a powerful one: the doom, the fear of what’s to come, and theperceived loss. The terror of life taking an unexpected baby twist that they felt they were not ready for. All this followed by the massive relief when it turned out they were not pregnant after all. Situations like this give the mind the very clear suggestion that not having a baby was a great thing.

Consider that fear around pregnancy has been non-stop since adolescence
First – I mustn’t… 
Then – I don’t want to…
Then – I can’t…

And then the time arrives when we are ready and excited to conceive: right time, right partner, nice home and good income. Yet here’s the problem – the mind’s job is to keep us away from pain, (the things that hurt us) so that we stay alive on the planet.  We may have consciously decided the time is now perfect for pregnancy but the mind (the subconscious mind) and body are yet to catch up.  

They are still running on the old ‘avoid pregnancy at all costs’ program. Until we actively and consciously change this program, we may have serious long-term troubles with conceiving.  On a positive note, when we realise that we ourselves had a hand in creating this now outdated programming, we have the power to alter it.

Change it to the knowing that conception, pregnancy and baby will bring joy, happiness and will be a wonderful thing for us. Change the program and change the result.  It is time to let the mind know that it is safe, desirable, pleasurable for us to become pregnant now. In fact nothing would make us happier!

Was this your Path to Pregnancy?

Teenage conditioning – do not get pregnant.
20s and 30s conditioning – I don’t want to be pregnant, I want to have fun, career, travel, study, lovers, freedom. We medicate and protect against becoming pregnant.
One, two or three decades later – ready to have a family. Time is right, circumstances are right, partner is right, (donor is right, or right time to have a child alone)
Within 3-6 months and not pregnant?  The worry starts…
6 months pass and still not pregnant – leads to fear – why can’t I get pregnant?
Consumed by fear around not being able to become pregnant. Releasing the hormones of stress (adrenaline and cortisol – contraceptive hormones)
Years may go by leading to anxiety that you may never be pregnant. This mindset is causing the body to be in constant fight or flight mode. However, the body cannot procreate when we are in constant stress.

Awareness is the start of transformation and awareness of this cycle will start a positive shift.  When we take proven, intelligent daily action steps to prepare the body, womb and mind, we can create an optimal procreative environment. When we give the mind the new positive suggestion that conceiving, pregnancy, having a baby will be a wonderful thing for us, we change the program.

Start today and give your mind the new suggestion –

“It is safe, pleasurable and exciting for me to be pregnant and have our baby, now”

And should you like support to change old sabotaging programmes – contact us here!


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