1. How are your thoughts? Your every thought causes a physical reaction.

Thoughts have consequences and prompt changes in our bodies. They literally create chemical reactions! Ideas that have a strong emotional charge always reach the subconscious mind, in addition to the feeling mind.
Once accepted, these ideas initiate the same chain-reaction in the body again and again. Negative thoughts have the power to influence our wellbeing not just on the mental plane but also on the physical. So if you have strong negative emotions linked to pregnancy and birth, they will move into your subconscious mind and have a very real effect on you. Because of that, it is crucial to change the ideas responsible for the reaction, both consciously and subconsciously. 

By changing your thoughts to strong, positive emotions linked to pregnancy and birth, you can ensure that the effect of your thoughts and emotions have on your body is positive and beneficial.

2. What are you expecting? What you expect tends to be realised.

The brain and the nervous system respond to mental images, regardless of whether these images are real or imagined.  The mental image becomes a blueprint, and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to follow it. Worrying about not conceiving or miscarrying is also a form of programming: a picture of what we don’t want.
However, the subconscious mind will not make a difference between desirable and dreaded. It acts to fulfil the picture it is seeing.  That’s why it is so important not to create or hold on to pictures in your mind about what could go wrong during a pregnancy. Instead, decide to hold positive images of everything working out perfectly. Our physical health can be absolutely linked to our mental expectancy. Therefore, if you expect to have a difficult time becoming pregnant, or a difficult pregnancy, or say things like ” Knowing my luck, I will have morning sickness all day or a long draining birth”… then you probably will.

Instead of expecting difficulty conceiving, or expecting a pregnancy that is difficult, remove every despondent or negative attitude linked to these concepts.
Expect to have a wonderful, easy experience. Expect to maintain and prolong your fertility.  When you are expecting to conceive, to carry and deliver a happy healthy baby, to welcome being a mum with ease, these expectations are more likely to be realised.

3. What are you imagining for your family future? Your imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Reason is easily overruled by imagination. Any idea accompanied by a strong emotion – such as anger, fear, pain or jealousy – is more powerful than any logical information meant to counteract it.  Your imagination and your ability to see yourself as fertile is way more powerful than any medical data that says it can’t be done. Science is on your side. There is well documented proof: examples of women having healthy babies later in life against medical expectations. We really have no reason to fear infertility and childlessness. 

4. How are you emotionally?

An emotionally induced symptom will cause organic change if maintained for long enough.

Holistic doctors have acknowledged that more than 75% of human ailments are functional rather than organic. Meaning that the function of an organ or body part has been disturbed by the nervous system’s reaction to negative ideas held in the subconscious mind.  We cannot separate the mind from the body. So if you dread that you won’t conceive, or look for signs of miscarriage whilst pregnant, or look for signs that you have started menopause (in case of older women wanting to conceive), then in time negative organic changes will occur.
Many women spend the early part of their pregnancy preoccupied with miscarrying. For example, not buying any baby things in case they ‘tempt fate.’ Yet, it is this way of thinking that sends a negative expectation to their mind and body.

If you expect to welcome every stage of pregnancy with ease (conception, pregnancy and birth) and expect to have a healthy bouncing baby, then positive changes are more likely to occur.

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