Our bodies need stress – good stress to be healthy, strong and fertile.

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world yet has the highest rate of fertility in the world.  Despite severe poverty, food scarcity, lack of access to clean water and lack of hygiene the women here have an ‘average’ of 7.1 children.  Seven is the average so many of these women are having many many more.

And just 2 generations ago our grandmothers were having 10-20 plus children despite poverty, lack of food, no running water, no electricity and poor hygiene. Because of hardships, these women have strong, resilient and very fertile bodies.  They only eat what is locally available, they don’t overeat, they live physical lives where they are constantly on the go. They have to physically work for food and walk for food and water.

The uncomfortable truth is that due to our sedentary and very comfortable lifestyles, our bodies and our immune systems have weakened.  They are just not working as well as they were designed to.

The human animal was designed to move, to walk, to run, to dance, to do physical work, to find food, to build things, to be active daily, and to work perfectly. It was also designed to respond to daily life stressors, lack of food, changes in temperature, being in the elements. 

Yet, today we live lives where we sit all day long, in a car, in an office, in front of a tv.  We are barely moving. We are also controlling our environments to be super comfortable, via the temperature in the car, at work, at home. Many of us even sleep in heated beds!  Additionally, much of what we eat is so processed that the body does not have the innate ability to assimilate it.

We diminish our life force and weaken our incredible bodies daily. The result is that we constantly succumb to ailments, colds, flues, allergies, bowel issues, headaches, pain. En masse, we live in a culture of accepted unwellness. One of the main areas we increasingly see this unwellness surface is through those who experience fertility challenges.

The divine intelligence of the human body will not procreate an unwell organism. This statement may cause upset, anger or meet with resistance. However, the fact is that our bodies have to be strong and healthy in order to be able to procreate easily and carry a baby healthily to full term. 
A strong sperm from a vital healthy male, meeting a strong egg from a healthy female, will procreate.

How do we fix this?

The remedy is to strengthen our bodies through specific daily practices designed to heal and make it more vital through good stress. And because the body craves balance and wellness, we can make our bodies more resilient quickly. Within mere weeks.

Do this by

– Eating less (research shows that when we eat a third less, we live a third longer because we are a 1/3 healthier)
– Fasting – (allows the body time to self heal)
– Going to the bathroom properly and daily.
– Getting outdoors, into nature – walk, run, swim
– Swimming in the ocean – if possible.
– Taking cold showers (reduces inflammation, learn more about it here)
– Breathing! Have a daily deep breathing practice. 
– Sleeping with a window open – turn of heaters or electric blanket whilst you sleep.
– Walking/cycling to work in all weathers

Now this might sound overwhelming but these are all completely doable. It’s time to make our bodies strong again! To take control of our wellness and to self-heal.  To stop being so reliant on doctors or outside forces when in truth, the body has an innate capacity to self-heal given the right conditions. (Always remember, the doctor does not heal your broken bone – the doctor only sets the cast – your body heals the bone and damaged tissues all by itself.)

The truth is –

You have everything you need within you to overturn your fertility situation.  Your body does not necessarily need intervention but it definitely needs your attention. And you are more than capable of making sustainable changes to enhance your wellbeing.

Whatever changes you make now will only benefit you when you do conceive. They will enable a health pregnancy and will give you the energy, vitality, and strength to be a great mum.  Investing in your health now means investing in a healthy family future.

It is always easier to make change with support and following a protocol that works.  Do feel free to get in touch here!


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