“Many chronic illness’s can be cured without medication, if you have adequate detoxification”


It is critical to cleanse the bowel when it comes to preparing for pregnancy. The easiest way to make this happen daily is using a bathroom footrest.  The bowel was not designed to release sitting on a seat. However, it was superbly designed to release in squat position (2/3rd of the world still releases in the squat position).  And the easiest way to mimic the squat is to use a footrest.  

As a subject that is generally avoided and not openly discussed, we have ended up with a strange acceptance that bowel release is difficult, takes time, takes effort and is a struggle. Well, that’s because for many of us it is just that. The simple and very inelegant truth is, we have gone against nature. Just look at a toddler in a nappy that has not long learnt to walk. What do they do when they need to poo? They squat. And what do we do with children from a young age? We train them to go against nature and sit on a toilet seat instead. Has anyone considered why ‘potty training’ is such a struggle for the child?

“Every medical disease no matter what name it is known by medical science, is constipation” 


Believe it or not, the Western seated toilet is a relatively new invention. 150-200 years old at most and when it first came into common usage in England, physicians of the day were very much against it, because they understood anatomy. They foresaw all the ailments that would result from the misguided use of this seated loo. (Constipation, haemorrhoids, colon cancer (Bowel cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in women) to name a few) The symptoms of the new seated toilet were so troublesome that soon Harrods of London was selling a fancy bathroom footrest… go figure.

You see, we were never meant to release waste from the body in a sitting position. Indeed, to do so is violating our natural design. In my experience, we may well be causing and adding to the epidemic of bowel problems in the West. Interestingly, the 2/3rd of the world where people still squat, doesn’t experience this same bowel problem epidemic.


The bowel consists of the ascending, transverse, and descending colons. At the bottom of the descending colon is the puborectalis muscle which holds a kink in the colon to prevent waste matter falling out. When we squat (or use a foot rest to get the knees above the hips), the muscle releases, the colon straightens, the bum opens and waste matter slides out easily and quickly. Yes it’s graphic… but that’s how it goes.

Or indeed doesn’t, if you are experiencing constipation. In my many years as a massage therapist, I have encountered hundreds of people, especially women who struggle severely with constipation. Who push and strain through life whilst often not releasing but once every few days, once a week, or even once every 2 weeks. Sadly, most of these women just accepted their lot and thought there was nothing they could do. 

This actually led me to create a stylish bathroom footrest in 2015 which has gone on to assist thousands of women, men and children to heal common bowel problems. I myself healed completely 20 years of severe bowel issues within 2 months of using a bathroom footrest

It is noteworthy that oncologists have observed that 80% of colon cancers occur in the caecum and the sigmoid colon. Coincidentally, hese are two areas that are never fully evacuated in the sitting posture. This causes faecal stagnation and probably explains why colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

Again, in simple terms the bowel consists of the ascending, transverse and descending colons. At the bottom of the descending colon is a muscle (the pubeorectalis) which spends most of its time engaged, keeping a kink in your descending colon. Its job is to keep fecal matter in, until its ready to release.

It is only in the squat position (or getting knees above hips with a footrest) that this muscle releases, so the colon can straighten and the bowel can release fully. Every time you try to release on a toilet minus a footrest, you are forcing, straining and pushing fecal matter past that kink. This leads to a build up of decaying fecal matter in the colon, the impaction of the colon, and the breakdown of the bowel wall over time. This may allow toxins to pass through the bowel wall and to potentially affect other organs including your precious womb. 

Another serious condition caused by sitting to evacuate instead of squatting is the leakage of wastes into the small intestine. (SIBO) This particularly affects the ileo-caecal valve which (interestingly) is considered by modern medicine to be inherently flawed because it is so often leaking…seriously! Also, the toxins get into the bloodstream and hence put more pressure on the liver which has to detoxify them. Most people will notice significant improvement, regardless of their condition, within several days of making this simple change of habit. All because the body waste now passes effortlessly through the straightened anal canal. For many people, this is life changing! The time spent sitting on the loo goes down from 30 or more minutes to 1/2 a minute. No straining, no pushing, haemorrhoids disappear, feeling properly emptied, pain free bowel movements…no need for bowel releasing medication. And indeed, much more.

For ongoing excellent health

Using a bathroom footrest daily can assist you in avoiding colon illnesses like constipation, haemorrhoids, pruritis ani, IBS, SIBO and even colon cancer. All wellness begins with the gut. The easiest way to keep it healthy is to keep it naturally clean and well functioning! This means regular daily bowel movements. So ensure a morning release, by getting up earlier and allowing your bowel to move before you leave the house. Like every part of our body, the gut needs time to awaken from sleep. It benefits from some gentle exercise (walking or doing a bit of gentle stretching) to get it shifting. This health hack takes no time (in fact, it saves time. No one should spend more than a couple of minutes to have a bowel release. It is also cheap, will last forever and requires zero effort: the ultimate health tool for lazy people.

So use your bathroom footrest daily, preferably before leaving the house and notice how empty and fantastic you feel. Another tip is not to eat in the morning until you have had a bowel movement. Having lemon tea first thing in the morning also helps, as well as drinking plenty of water. Finally, it’s important that you move when nature calls! So when you feel a bowel movement coming, head for the bathroom immediately, use your footrest and let it go. If you try to hold it in, built-up fecal matter can again release toxins into your body which has the potential to cause constipation, diverticulosis, IBS and other colon problems. 

When you are creating a baby, you must aspire to having a clean healthy colon that is not heavy with waste and releasing toxins into the surrounding environment. (The bowel literally sits on top of your reproductive organs!) A healthy bowel releases after each meal. Aim to have at least 2 great bowel movements per day. Until you find a footrest you like, use an upside down bin, a bucket, a footstep from a hardware store. The point is to aim for the height to be about 22-24 centimetres. When you get your footrest, always keep it in your bathroom right beside the toilet. It will become a habit within a couple of weeks and soon you will not remember life before you had it!

“Fertile health is not just about what we are eating. It is also about what we are releasing and what we are not releasing.”

Nemara Wilde

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