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Nemara Wilde Cl.Hyp

Nemara Wilde is a highly experienced massage therapist, hypnotherapist and self-health expert who has assisted countless women over the past 20 years to conceive naturally. In her former Sydney Massage Clinic she came to understand the profound power of massage and intentional touch to help overcome many wellbeing challenges, including fertility challenges.

“My staff and I worked with clients to balance their bodies, minds and emotions first, and use the power of touch, intention and visualisation to re-energise, regenerate and revitalise the abdominal and reproductive organs. Where other therapies had failed, massage often provided the much needed breakthrough for a woman to conceive and go on to enjoy a full term healthy pregnancy.”  

When a close family member struggled for over 5 years to conceive and endured 5 unsuccessful IVF cycles, Nemara stepped in and it was through specific massage techniques and a significant mindset shift that she went on to conceive naturally within weeks at the age of 40, have a wonderful pregnancy and birth their beautiful baby boy.   Deeply moved by this family experience and the power of the body to succeed where Assisted Reproductive Technology had repeatedly failed, Nemara has since assisted women to heal themselves first and to conceive successfully through detox protocols, dietary changes, mindset shifts and via an advanced form of Hypnotherapy (RTT) which has been used for over 30 years to successfully help women and men overcome fertility challenges.  

Today Nemara brings the success and wisdom collated over 2 decades to the 8 week Reclaim Your Fertility program so you can balance and heal your body first, you can prepare your body and mind to conceive with ease, so you can confidently enjoy a healthy full term pregnancy and bring your beautiful healthy baby into the world.   Nemara is currently completing her first book – based on her work with fertility clients, Doing To Conceive, due out in June 2020.’

“I have been hypnotising bodies and minds for over 20 years, assisting clients to release old patterns, habits and beliefs so they can move forward unencumbered by the past and truly live their lives. I have witnessed repeatedly the power of body and mind to transform rapidly, and I acknowledge the innate blueprint we all have for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing… including fertile wellbeing.” Nemara Wilde

Nemara Wilde Cl Hyp is a Massage Therapist (Trained in Hawaiian Bodywork and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Clinical HypnoTherapist and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.  
Member of International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT) Accredited Member of the ACCPH (Association of Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)

Doing To Conceive

To Be Released in June 2020


‘As you are reading this book you will likely have experienced a significant delay to becoming pregnant and having your baby and are struggling to find an answer as to why? Yes there may be presenting physical problems like PCOS, endometriosis, tilted uterus, blocked Fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, yet most of these conditions can be addressed and overcome without medical intervention and will have an emotional root cause.  

In my experience working with women struggling to conceive, a common theme was that they were ‘older’ (30 and above) and had been consciously telling themselves to not become pregnant for a very long time, and were unaware that they needed to change this conditioning in order to become pregnant. The truth is (as women) we have been programmed and have been programming ourselves for years or even decades to not become pregnant. Most western women have been primed since puberty to avoid becoming pregnant at all costs.  As soon as we have our first menstruation or first boyfriend we are advised/warned to avoid pregnancy.  It is common for the western female mind to be warned from puberty that pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to her – resulting in loss of education, loss of family, loss of respect (even shame), loss of self worth and indeed loss of a fulfilled life. (To the mind loss and rejection equate to suffering and pain) And note especially we are very conditioned from a young age to believe that there is no joy associated with pregnancy…no baby joy! Quite the opposite. The initial programming to avoid and fear pregnancy comes from outside influences – mothers, fathers, carers, family, schools, community and the culture through media, tv and films.  

Later, when we hit our 20’s we continue the ‘no pregnancy’ programming ourselves by using condoms or taking the pill or other contraceptives, to ‘protect and medicate’ so as to avoid pregnancy, so that we can have fun, fulfilled sexual lives as we explore ourselves, the world, dive into careers, and enjoy the freedom to live our lives ‘unburdened’. All of this is perfectly normal and is a smart thing as for many women it is understandably the wrong time to be pregnant…  so we continue to shun and even fear the possibility of pregnancy. 

Culturally today, many women (and men of course) understandably do not feel ready to have children until their late 20s, mid or late 30s or even early 40’s…. After freedom, exploration and careers have been fulfilled and ideal partners have been found. By which time they have been conditioning themselves for years, even decades to not to become pregnant and to fear having a baby. Added to this, many women would have experienced at least one pregnancy scare in their lives (or supported a friend through same) and would remember the trauma that was associated with that distressing event, the doom, the fear of the all the impending and perceived loss… the terror of life taking an unexpected baby twist that they felt very unprepared for. And they would have felt tremendous relief when it turned out they were not pregnant after all.

Fast forward, and the day arrives when everything is aligned and we are ready and excited to conceive…Yet here’s the problem  – the minds job is to keep us away from pain (things that hurt us/things we fear) so that we stay alive on the planet.  We may have consciously decided the time is now perfect for pregnancy but the mind and body are yet to catch up.  They are still running on the old  ‘avoid pregnancy at all costs’ program and until we actively and consciously change this program we may have serious long term issues conceiving.  

On a positive note when we understand the impact of this earlier conditioning and realise that we ourselves had a hand in creating the now outdated programming, we can effectively change the program to the knowing that conception and pregnancy will bring joy, happiness and will be an exciting family expansion for us. Change the program and you change the result. It is time to let the mind know that it is safe, desirable, pleasurable and exciting for you to become pregnant now and have your baby. In fact nothing would make you happier…

“When you feel you have exhausted every option… remember you haven’t.”
Thomas Edison