Prep for Pregnancy Retreats Postponed.

We look forward to welcome you to our life-changing
Prepare for Pregnancy Retreats post Covid 19.



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If you have been ‘trying to conceive’ without success for an extended period of time, you are worried about getting older or have experienced failed Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments (like IVF, IUI), this retreat will be an enriching, enlightening and transforming reset.

Reclaim control of your baby and family journey when you join our nurturing 7 day Prep for Pregnancy Retreat. In this natural retreat setting, as you are guided by experienced facilitators you will gain a new understanding of yourself, your fertile health and your mindset, and you will awaken the knowing that you will conceive, grow, and have your beautiful baby sooner rather than later.

This is an opportunity to enjoy learning about yourself, your body and your mind, whilst being expertly guided to reclaim your fertile wellbeing and practically prepare for a natural pregnancy.

Let go of stress and worry as you –

– Uncover why you have not become pregnant

– Remove underlying delays/blocks to you having your family

– Learn how to confidently prepare your body for pregnancy

– Believe in your body’s ability to conceive, enjoy a healthy pregnancy and easily birth your healthy baby

With the aide of –

– Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

– Effective detox protocols

– Abdominal massage treatments

– Dietary amendments

– A Fertile mindset.

– Facilitator and group support

Over the course of 7 days you will understand that you have everything within you to make this happen for you and your partner yet now you have concise intelligent action steps to take.  When you return home you will have a proven plan to follow and you will also have on-going positive and encouraging support from the RYF team and the RYF community until you conceive.

This retreat will empower you… and transform your life because when we change what we are doing, when we change our approach, we change our results. When you take this time to understand yourself, to practically prepare your body and mind to conceive easily, you will enjoy a full term pregnancy and bring your precious baby into the world.  

You are also welcome to join these retreats if you are just starting your baby journey and would like to prepare so that everything on your baby making journey goes smoothly, healthily and happily for you and your partner. 

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Ireland – April 2020

Portugal – September 2020