“After one year of trying for baby three and seeing countless fertility doctors who found nothing wrong I stumbled across the Nemara’s site. I decided to book a session as it felt like I tried everything else. I was blown away by Nemara and the RTT hypnotherapy.

We discussed things that have been blocking me and I was given wonderful tools to help with issues I’ve been struggling with. Nemara’s kindness, support and expertise have truly changed how I approach life and deal with things I used to not deal well with. I have more of a sense of calm and feel former blockages are no longer in my way.

The best result that came out of all this is that I’m expecting baby number 3!”

Kim – New York

“It was a great relief to finally find someone who worked with the whole me and the context/situation I live in. Not just the trauma I had to go through of not getting pregnant again. Nemara is a great therapist to work with. I felt reassured and very comfortable working with her. She took the stress out of the whole baby and not getting pregnant thing and showed me lots of good ways to cope.

Nemara is very empathetic, warm-hearted and understanding… even after me stopping for a bit with the treatment, she confirmed the good path I am on and I will definitely work with her again when I am ready. I can only highly recommend her. She is awesome. Thank you so much for everything!”

 Sabine – Munich 

“For those of us who want to start a family, it all seems easy starting out. You make the decision, but then it doesn’t happen in the way you planned or happen at all. I was about 34 when we seriously considered starting our family, my husband was 46. We went through a period of trying to conceive and then realised we needed to involve professionals in our journey. We were told our chances of conceiving naturally were very slim so IVF was our only hope. But after 4 failed cycles of IVF, I was emotionally and physically drained from the rollercoaster of going through every emotion from excitement to despair, and the toll it took on my body.

Every where you look you are reminded of what you are striving for, every minute of the day is consumed with this overwhelming desire to have a child. Every time you look in the mirror, you are having unheard conversations with yourself.

After 5 years into this journey, I was just exhausted when I started working with the Reclaim Your Fertility program. My next IVF cycle started a few weeks later, and for the first time ever in my life, I was pregnant! However later in that cycle I had a miscarriage. Yet something had shifted, I felt better in myself and very quickly after, I got pregnant naturally!!, at the age of 40, without IVF. We went on to have a very healthy and happy baby boy.”


“We did a lot of prep before attempting to conceive which included – ovulation tracking (urine LH test, urine LH + estrogen, saliva, cervical mucus, app, physical and general symptoms). We did this every day for the first few months before pin pointing the exact fertile window.

Once we connected with Reclaim Your Fertility, we were guided with the understanding that a healthy body, healthy positive thoughts, slowing down, taking time to connect with each other, being present, are just as important before ‘trying’ to conceive. Nemara gave us amazing practical processes  which we implemented immediately. The next month was a success!!! We are expecting our little Bibi at the end of March.

We are so grateful to have had Nemara walk with us through this journey.  She listened to all of our concerns and coached us through ‘preparing’ to conceive. There is a wealth of knowledge around preparing your body and mind for pregnancy. We would highly recommend anyone struggling on this journey to consult with Reclaim Your Fertility. We cannot Thank You enough!


“It’s such a pleasure to recommend Nemara’s work! She has such nourishing fertile gifts, intuitive depth and a listening heart! I felt heard as I shared my desire to conceive. My partner and I had been trying for 5 months – intentional rituals, ovulation checking, and calling in this little bub with all our hearts. She listened to my desires and longings and had an obvious passion and plenty of experience with supporting women to conceive. I shared my concerns about my ‘glamorous age’ (38 years) and the age-related concerns that many a medical professional had communicated with me.

I was skilfully & intuitively coached to let go these limiting concerns & instead call in what I truly wanted. I remember feeling a tremendous sense of self capacity and knowing that my body is fertile.

With the training and guidance, I felt calm, relaxed and developed a strong sense of knowing, I can do this. It felt as though I had let go of a block and gave myself permission. Two days later my partner and I went away for the weekend. Looking back now, I know that I conceived just days after the initial coaching & healing.



“At 10:46 pm today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at almost 39 weeks!!! She’s big and healthy and my delivery was very easy! I cannot thank you enough for your support! I could not have done this without you and RTT. Thank you thank you!!!”


Program Reviews


“The whole course was fantastic. The RTT session is something that changed my life. I am so grateful I got a chance to experience it.  All the health tips were amazing and I will use them for rest of my life. It is crazy to see how people rely on medication to sort out all health issues and the doctors never even ask about your diet etc. The program has changed my thinking and I have completely stopped worrying that I did not get pregnant for last 3.5 years. I don’t care about that. I only care about the future. I can see my baby. I absolutely love that hypnosis for connecting with our baby. Thank you again, for everything.”


“It was great to remove the blocks and to combine the other aspects of the program to get my body, mind and environment ready to bring our baby to the world”


“Thank you for your dedication, for sharing your wisdom with us. Thank you for putting your heart in what you do. I particularly enjoyed the audios, you have a beautiful and soothing voice. Keep up with this wonderful program.”